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 Empowering Patients to Create Their Own Financial Estimates
Empowering Patients to Create Their Own Financial Estimates
As consumers, we are accustomed to knowing what something will cost before purchasing it. This is normal in all aspects of our lives except for healthcare – but not any longer. The patient mindset has changed, and so have their expectations.

Patients are shopping around before choosing the ASC they want to have their procedure done at. Besides looking at reviews, they're also looking to compare costs so they know exactly how much they will pay out of pocket and how much insurance will cover.

During our 45 minutes together, Chris Finelli, one of our Price Transparency experts, will walk you through:

• Current industry trends that are driving Price Transparency
• The latest on the No Surprises Act
• Why these savvy patients are the type of patients you want at your ASC
• A hands-on exercise where you can create a financial estimate in minutes as if you were a patient


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Chris Finelli
VP of Connected Care @HST Pathways